About Roots and Fruits

Roots and Fruits is your online source for information on living the best outdoor lifestyle. Our articles cover everything from different outdoor recreational activities to traveling advice, when you’re going across the world or simply driving across the state.

If you’re looking for advice on what gear to pack, which plants you can eat and where the best fishing spots in the country are, Roots and Fruits is the site for you.

Outdoor Recreation

Roots and Fruits encourages you to explore the possibilities of living life outdoors. One of the best ways to reinvigorate your relationship with Nature is through various outdoor recreational activities.

Our site provides you with updated and authoritative information on activities such as hiking, fishing and camping. With our help, your next outdoor adventure will be tiring but enjoyable. You’ll also be able to enjoy these activities safely with our professional advice.

Travel the Right Way

Roots and Fruits understands the wanderlust that burns in many people, including yourself. Our articles are devoted to ensuring you have actionable information on how to travel effectively.

Our site features advice for travelling safely, whether you’re traveling inside your home state or going on an adventure abroad. We can ensure you have great advice and usable knowledge with our articles.

Our Authors

Diana Wainwright

Diana has travelled to four continents and has spent more time in the woods than in her small apartment. Her passions outside of travel and camping are knitting and cat sitting her sister’s calico.

Luz Bustamante

Luz is an avid roadtripper, taking her Toyota all over the country. She has eaten gumbo in Louisiana and has driven to Alaska on a dare. Her next goal is to find a route that takes her car through all the main states.

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